A lot has happened in the world last year, and a lot has happened in my little world. I would like to share some thoughts about that with you here. Career-wise I have made a big shift, one of those that changes the future.


Dear you,

We are already through the longest part of the season with the shortest daylight in the North, and ahead of us awaits spring, where nature comes out of hibernation, delicate flower stems break way through the soil, as do fresh emotions within us people, different from what the cold winter brings. I appreciate the changing seasons so very much, I appreciate change, and I can already feel the blooming joy of Spring and Summer, “opening it all up” again. 

To identify what makes us happy, to take responsibility to move towards the positive, makes a big difference in my life. And exactly that, choosing among life’s many options, has resulted in big changes is my little world lately. After 23 years at the office desk at Karmameju HQ, I began to feel a need for change back in 2022. 

I love my job, my colleagues, my everyday life, but something was off balance, a feeling of not using my qualifications in the best possible way, and a feeling that my creativity didn’t get enough space. A trip to the Danish island Bornholm, where I gave a talk to 80 lovely woman, became a landmark for me. I came home with a feeling that I needed to get out. Away from my desk, away from operations, out into the world, and deeper into creativity’s need for immersion, space and calmness. 

Last year I left my job title as Creative Director for Karmameju. A grand decision that shook the ground beneath my feet a bit. The decision is only possible as I have such a strong team of colleagues. My desire to set my working-life free, without a given structure, is unknown territory for me, and the workhorse within me has squealed and snorted. Because who am I, if there is no longer a need for me in everyday life in my dear company?

My new title is Founder of Karmameju Skincare. In everyday speech I am Karmameju Evangelist. My most important work is to ensure Karmameju is on the right path, that we make the most skin-improving products, and that innovation and inspiration is never de-prioritised for the important everyday operations. It is difficult to ensure this, if every day presents me with a storm of e-mails, meetings and unpredictability, stealing the time for “big thoughts” and great visions. 

On a fast track to my 50’ies birthday I have entered into a new everyday work life, and it is so good for me and it makes me proud. Proud that I am showing the needed respect to creativity, that I don’t expect it to flourish if I don’t water it. 

I am also immensely proud of Christina Düsterdich, who started in Karmameju 9 years ago, and today has ‘my chair’ as Head of Creative at Karmameju. To see people grow, release their potential, surpass oneself - is one of my favorite things to witness. I am proud of all my colleagues at Karmameju Skincare for being a team of such competent and skilled people, that I “dare” to leave them in charge of my life project. And it does not stop there, on top of all that, they are also wonderful people that I always look forward to spending time with. This is a gift in life that I never take for granted.  

My new worklife is slowly finding its form, I am either at my Creative Atelier at Karmameju Skincare HQ, I work from home, or I am out into the world. My calendar is no longer overbooked with team meetings, one-on-ones, planning or executing. On the contrary, for the first time in many years, it is pretty open. Just looking at my calendar gives room for creative thoughts, as there is now also time to progress with the ideas. Lately I have had a feeling that an iron ring has lifted off my creativity, and that small butterflies flap around with creative ideas, now with much better space to fly about. 

I share all this with you, with the hope that you will check in with yourself, and consider, if you are moving towards your biggest dreams with a loving respect and with the courage to implement change for you if it is needed - in your private life, or at work. Nobody but me could have made this decision. Nobody is going to ring your doorbell and ask you “Hey, are you living your best life?” 

I sincerely hope that you are on a path that leaves you room to blossom. 

At Karmameju our most important mission is to inspire you about all that is good for the mind, leaving space for your soul to dance. And to improve your skin. Those two things are our most important Northern Star. In good times and in hard times. 

Thank you for being part of the Karmameju-journey, that you read along, and for being a part of the Karmameju-community, it means the world to me.