Face masks for all skin types

Karmameju's three face masks each have their special characteristics and are suitable for all skin types:

The exfoliating mask, PROUD for normal/dry skin, helps refine, smooth, hydrate and soften skin, whilst promoting a healthy glow. The creamy clay mask, DREAM for sensitive skin, helps refine pores and balance sebum production. And the exfoliating DEEP mask for oily/combination skin reduces fine lines and refines skin texture.

Try double- or triple-masking 

Multi-masking makes it possible to double or triple the effect of your face masks due to the different ways the masks work on and with the skin. Create a relaxing moment in the bathroom, turn on some music, make a nice cup of tea and get ready to see your skin become visibly smoother and more hydrated with one, two or three face masks.

Read our guide How to multi-mask

Complement your face care with a face mask approximately once a week or whenever the need occurs. You can treat the delicate skin around your eyes and on your lips with a hydrating layer of our balm. This way you also nourish the skin that doesn't benefit from the face mask.

Each of our face masks comes with a soft, organic cotton washcloth and a spatula to help you apply the right amount of product.

PROUD exfoliating mask 01 Karmameju Exfoliating Mask, PROUD 01, 65 ml
REGENERATE / Dry, dull skin

PROUD exfoliating mask 01

65 ml
DREAM creamy clay mask 02 Karmameju Creamy Clay Mask, DREAM 02, 65 ml
SOOTHE / All skin types

DREAM creamy clay mask 02

65 ml
DEEP peeling 'PHA' mask 03 Karmameju Peeling Mask, DEEP 03, 65 ml
REFINE / All skin types

DEEP peeling 'PHA' mask 03

65 ml
DREAM ritual kit DREAM ritual kit
Karmameju Skincare

DREAM ritual kit

2 pc.
€45 €53

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