Explore our soothing, nourishing, and repairing lip care and balms/salves based on natural plant oils.

YIN lip balm - a moisturizing and protective lip balm for everyday care. With a natural glossy finish that lasts on the lips, keeping them protected, well-cared-for, and soft. Perfume-free.

YANG lip treatment - a repairing SOS lip cream and mask that comes to the rescue of dry and chapped lips with a fast-acting SOS formula that works in the deeper layers of the skin. Perfume-free.

Our three balms, BOOST and CALM balm, are multifunctional nourishing products that rebuild dry and delicate skin conditions. Only pure essential oils are selected for their sense-awakening and skin-improving properties. For face, body, and lips.

BOOST balm is a dynamic, softening, and energizing balm for the body that nourishes dry skin, stimulates blood circulation, warms sore muscles, and soothes tired feet.

CALM balm is a multifunctional, soothing balm for the face and body. It protects and rebuilds dry and delicate skin conditions. It helps improve and prevent dryness and irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types and everyone in the family.

YANG lip treatment YANG lip treatment
Karmameju Skincare

YANG lip treatment

12 ml
CALM balm CALM balm
CALMING aromatherapy

CALM balm

90 ml
CALM balm - travel size CALM balm - travel size
CALMING aromatherapy

CALM balm - travel size

20 ml
BOOST balm - travel size Karmameju Body Balm Travel Size, BOOST 03, contains 20 ml
ENERGIZE / Therapeutic

BOOST balm - travel size

20 ml

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