In this cocktail recipe, two worlds come together as the invigorating taste of Earl Grey tea merges with the iconic Martini drink. An energy booster that's incredibly easy to make and a great alternative to a 'healthy' cocktail.


The history of the Martini cocktail


Classic, alluring and elegant. The Martini has existed in a range of flavors since its origins in America's Gilded Age between 1870-1900 when old and nouveau riche elites vied for status among the American upper class. 

By the roaring 20s, Martinis flooded the streets and became a go-to drink, but its popularity waned a few decades later. Partly due to the growing quality and availability of other drinks such as wine and beer, but also due to concerns about alcohol consumption and health in general.

Today, the Martini is best known for its status in popular culture - and reports now show an increased demand, signaling the Martini has indeed made a comeback. 

Tea as a twist in cocktails

This variation of the Martini fuses Earl Grey tea, a great ingredient to use in cocktails due to its complex flavor, and gin, which brings out the floral notes of the Earl Grey tea beautifully.

This recipe is great to serve as an appetizer before dinner or for a festive occasion - and it is easy to make as you can prepare the drink before enjoying it.

Recipe and procedure

- Brew a nice, strong pot of Earl Grey tea and chill in the fridge.

- Karmameju loves Cocoon Tea Artisans’ award-winning quality tea - rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

- Gin - use a quality gin, preferably botanical. 

- Pour 1/4 cup tea and 3/4 cup gin (or vodka) into a shaker with ice. You can also leave out alcohol if you prefer.

- Shake, shake, shake.

- Strain and pour into chilled martini glasses. 

- Tip: Finish by adding a sweet maraschino cherry (cocktail cherry in sugar syrup).

Best served ‘shaken, not stirred’, of course. 

Here’s to tea!