To smell and experience a perfume is a sensual art in itself. As a symbol of 25 years of love for aromatherapy, we elevated the art of perfumery to a pedestal with the anniversary perfume, STORYTELLER Eau de Toilette. Get behind the scenes of our pre-launch of the perfume at Gallery Gether Contemporary.

How do you best convey the complexity of a perfume? Something you ideally have to experience in real life? A journey that unfolds, one that you can barely fully experience when you stand in a store and briefly try a perfume. 

With STORYTELLER Eau de Toilette, we celebrated Karmameju's 25th anniversary in May 2024. With the tagline "a love letter in a bottle," the scent tells a story of love for nature and 25 years of developing natural products, which from the beginning have been centered around human well-being and stimulating the senses to achieve a deeper appreciation of everyday life.

“I wanted to emphasize the art of fragrance in the same way as other forms of art are being put on a pedestal, and I wanted to be able to invite EVERYONE, not just a selected crowd. Being able to invite everyone - consumers, the social media community, retailers, press, influencers, friends and family - was a great joy for me,” - Mette Skjærbæk, founder of Karmameju.

With that goal in mind, we invited visitors to Gether Contemporary gallery in Copenhagen to experience STORYTELLER.

A fragrance journey led the visitors through the 9 volatile fragrances of the perfume: the top notes, heart notes and base notes of the perfume in an interactive exhibition revolving around aromatherapeutic perfume art. A sensory experience that fostered a space to encounter the unfolding scents of nature, leaving a lasting impression in an attentive, sense-awakening moment.

Let us take you by the hand with our new fragrance, STORYTELLER, and guide you through its various scent layers: from the citrus-fresh top, through the spring-floral heart and to the dry woody base.


 Top notes

Clementine, Orange, Angelica Root

The fragrance's first impression. The sparkling outset unveils what is to unfold thereafter. With clear citrus notes, bringing sweetness, positivity and joy, acting as a natural aphrodisiac. Let us highlight especially the Orange, which captivated our founder at an early age:

"I am 11 years old at my parents' anniversary. The chef carefully sliced oranges in the kitchen, filling the room with its aroma. I can still vividly remember the bowls of juicy vesicles. The taste of pure, glistening orange felt like a flavor explosion in my mouth, leaving me craving more. I'm pretty sure that memory is the foundation of my love for the scent of oranges today."
- Mette Skjærbæk, founder of Karmameju 


Heart notes
Chamomile, Neroli, Linden Flower, Violet

When the fragrance touches the skin, it evolves and unfolds into the heart notes - scents that lead you from the mind to the heart. Here, the herbal flowers of spring create a grounded, sweet and welcoming tranquility.

At the fragrance installation, it turned out that there was a true crowd-favorite with the Linden Flower. With its heart-opening energy, it instantly welcomed everyone into its calming, nurturing and uplifting embrace.

"I've been testing perfumes and fragrances for over 30 years and it doesn't smell like anything I've smelled before. I absolutely love it - it's quite unique"
- coming from the journalist, Tina Appelt on Mydailyspace after visiting. 

Base notes 
Cedarwood, Hinoki

The fragrances that vibrate deeply and linger longest on the skin. A grounded composition that interprets the scents of the forest. The Japanese cypress, Hinoki, you might find in your garden. Hinoki evokes memories of crackling paper, fresh air, linen, pine needles, and dry wood. The tranquil base of woody notes adds richness, warmth, elegance and depth to the perfume.

“A scent that awakens good memories and uplifts your mind and spirit. Perfectly balanced between feminine and masculine. This unisex aromatherapeutic perfume has the most delicate notes and are made out of the natural scents of nature. It will never leave my perfume tray ever again,” wrote content creator, Kamilla Heick, after visiting. 

A special thanks

To create a stirring, new, surprising and caring experience of conveying the art of perfumery,  we encapsulated each scent in beautifully mouth-blown glass art by BLÆS - Reffen Glass Studio, opened the heart with ambient frequencies from VibroAcoustics, and enchanted with poetic visual imagery created in collaboration with Art Official Agency.

THANK YOU to everybody for coming by last weekend and for the support through 25 years of Karmameju. 25 years of redefining wellness.

Try Karmameju's perfumes at our retailers, which you can find a list of here.

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