Is there a difference between the BUFF dry brush and the ionic RECHARGE dry brush?

Essentially, both brushes have the same skin-improving and body-stimulating properties.  

Both brushes help to

  • Combat dry skin on the body

  • Remove dead skin cells without damaging the outer layers of the skin

  • Reduce and prevent cellulite

  • Enhance and firm the skin

  • Increase energy levels

  • Stimulate the nervous system, blood circulation and lymphatic system

  • Reduce fluid retention

RECHARGE does a little more than that

When you are brushing with RECHARGE negative ions are formed directly on the skin through natural friction. Negative ions accelerate the transportation of oxygen to our cells and body tissue. They stimulate the lymph nodes’ ability to detoxify the blood and thereby increase the resistance of the skin. Negative ions balance the electromagnetic energies in your body, boosting the excretion of toxins.

Which brush should I choose?

BUFF is a soft dry brush, the ideal "starter-brush”. It is suitable for everyone, but especially beneficial for sensitive skin, teenagers, children and babies.

The bristles on RECHARGE are slightly harder due to the fine cobber wires, but still soft and gentle when used with light, dynamic strokes. It is suitable for everyone who loves the vibrating sensation on the skin.

Both brushes are amazing, high quality dry brushes that will give fast results
You cannot really choose the wrong dry brush. Both have so many wonderful benefits.

Our advice to help you choose between the two
If you wish to boost energy and increase oxygen levels in the blood, RECHARGE is the right choice. If you are already familiar with dry brushing the body, we recommend to choose the champion of body brushes – the ultimate dry brush, RECHARGE ionic body brush. 

BUFF on the other hand is the safe choice, for all ages and the ideal brush for delicate skin.

Don’t forget the face

It is a no-go to use your body brushes on face, neck and décolletage. Use our super soft and gentle face dry brush, RENEW, for gentle, but effective exfoliation of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and the connective tissue, as well as awakening your face after sleep.

Tip: Use our TINY Cleansing tool after exfoliating for an easier and more effective cleaning. TINY supports a continuous, good hygiene and fits all types of Karmameju dry brushes - also the non-washable RECHARGE.

Do you have questions about dry brushing, your skincare routine or our product range, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone +45 3887 5513.