Our three bioactive face sera are formulated to address all skin types all year round, so choosing your face serum is all about targeting the specific conditions or concerns of your skin you wish to improve and choose the serum that meets that exact target, or more.



But what is a serum really?
The short version is; A face serum is a skincare product you apply to your skin day and night on freshly cleansed skin, but before moisturising. A serum is fast absorbing and formulated with smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver the active ingredients directly. This makes a serum an ideal product for improving specific skin conditions.

The Karmameju face sera
Our face sera are lightweight formulas that combine clinically proven green-hearted biotechnology with intensely hydrating extracts and gel water from nature's selection of abundant ingredients. All three sera are without aromatherapeutic notes, perfume-free with pure botanical fragrance. They are oil-free and vegan for delicate layering in your skincare routine.

Choose your serum or sera
The three sera each have their specific skin target. Check in with your skin to find the one that suits you best. You can choose to have a one and only favourite to apply day and night, but you can also choose to have more than one sera on your beauty shelf to address multiple concerns, for example, one serum to protect your skin during the day and one to support it during the nightly regenerative hours.

Choose FIRM 01 to combat fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen production

Key targets and benefits 

Combat fine lines & wrinkles. 
Accelerate cell renewal and stimulate collagen production. 
Replenish and plump the skin.
Powerful antioxidant protection.
Provide instant hydration and long-term fluid retention in the skin.

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Choose SHIELD 02 to protect and strengthen skin barrier and to calm and reduce redness

Key targets and benefits 

Strengthening, calming and fortifying.
Shield against pollution and inflammation.
Helps protect against cell damage and premature signs of aging.
Provides instant hydration and long-term fluid retention in the skin.

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Choose CLEAR 03 to refine pores and blemishes and support a healthy microbiome

Key targets and benefits 

Blemish & pore refining.
Support healthy microbiome.
Help reduce hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and old scars.
Balance oily, acne-prone skin.
Provide instant hydration and long-term fluid retention in the skin.

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Karmameju recommends

Check in with your skin.

The skin is our largest organ. Many of the reasons behind the changing needs and conditions of the skin are found within. They are usually visible on our faces as a loving hint from the body that something inside us needs support and balance. This means that your skincare routine should not be set in stone.

Check in with your skin from day to day.


All the best 
Christina Düsterdich, Communication Manager & Skincare Expert