Sustainability, ecology and the oceans

Karmameju Sun is produced in collaboration with our award-winning, organic agriculture and laboratory in Southern Italy. A collaboration that we are very proud of because of their high eco-conscious standards and their dedication as a certified sustainable corporation.  

Sustainable and coral-friendly ingredients

They have worked passionately, tirelessly, and innovatively with the Karmameju product development team to make it possible to create the products that we have been searching for.


There is something special about watching the raw materials being harvested on the organic fields bathed in sunlight. Then to follow the delicate, gentle processing that creates the Karmameju SUN ingredients.


Watching the fresh Aloe Vera be cut, pressed and within two hours be ready for formulation with the other ingredients. Walking around the olive grove under the beautiful, centuries-old olive trees. Inhaling the scents of fresh citrus, lavender, and mint, all of which are genuinely present in each and every product. This is the closest you can get to creating real skin food – when the integrity of every single ingredient is this complete.


Karmameju SUN is made with respect for the coral reefs. We only use mineral sun filters for UV protection. Karmameju SUN is the manifestation of our environmentally conscious standpoint - with sustainably produced ingredients and plant-based SPF formulas, that are antioxidant-rich and vegan.