CEO, mountain climber, photographer, cyclist, husband, father, friend, and just an all-around good guy. Get to know Jens Høgsted better in this photo article - featuring pictures taken by himself, of course. Here, he touches on the ideal work-life balance and how he finds time to fill his DO YOU cup in a busy everyday life, where he leads at the helm of Karmameju HQ. Also, hear him share a bit about his second home in Chamonix, France, where his passion for nature photography and mountain climbing has led to the release of a recent photo book on the impact of climate change on the mountains.

Photo credit: Jens Høgsted. 

Tell us a bit about yourself… 

My name is Jens Høgsted, I am 51 years old, and I have been the CEO of Karmameju for three years. For the past 30 years, I have been involved in brand management and retail. I spent 18 years in a consultant suit, several years as the CEO of the Sportmaster chain, and a couple of years as an independent advisor and board member before I was fortunate enough to become the CEO of Karmameju. I live six kilometers from our office, so an ideal day starts with a dip in the Øresund and a bike ride to the office, where I usually arrive at 07:30. I have a very privileged daily life, working with talented and likable people, and I can largely manage my own time. I hear that many people envy this combination. That I understand very well.



What does DO YOU mean to you - what do you fill your "cup" with?

DO YOU, for me, is about the time I can completely decide for myself. Sometimes it involves something I do alone, and sometimes something I do with people I care about. I wake up early, so I always start the day with alone time, where I look into the day ahead over a cup of coffee. Otherwise, DO YOU, for me, is synonymous with physical activity: it could be cycling alone or with good friends, or skiing and hiking with the family. Last year, I cycled alone from Esbjerg to Copenhagen - a foolishly long trip, but for me, it's DO YOU... and I had an ambitious mountain-climbing project with my youngest son to ascend the Toblerone peak, Matterhorn.




How do you ensure that you remember to practice DO YOU?

I once received advice to maintain a necessary balance between work hours, family time, friend time, and time for yourself. This was during a prolonged period when work hours exceeded 70 per week. Those years taught me the value of actively working towards balance – not every day or week, but collectively over a quarter. It's now firmly ingrained that I need time for all aspects to thrive. Practically, the calendar is a useful tool: I block out the weekends I don't want to be taken over by less important things. I am good at making time for friends and sending them an invitation if I miss their company.


How did you decide to publish a photography book about Chamonix?

I have been taking photographs since I was a young teenager. I had a darkroom in our utility room when I was 13 years old. Since then, my camera has always been with me, especially when traveling. Over the last 25 years, I have spent many days in the mountains, both with skis under my feet and on mountaineering climbing trips. I have reached the summit of more than 25 peaks in the Alps that are over 4000m, and on those trips, you see incredible landscapes. You also witness how climate change is impacting the mountains relentlessly. The volume of pictures on my hard drive and the desire to tell the story of the effects of climate change on the mountains led me to publish the book "Chamonix Perspectives." In the book, I interview six mountain guides and a researcher about their firsthand experiences, including glaciers and disappearing permafrost. You can learn more at:


What are your favorite products from Karmameju?

If you open my toiletry bag while traveling, you will always find our PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion, a HERO, a CALM balm, a NOW facial cleanser, and a BREEZE deodorant. I am a huge fan of our PRE & AFTER SUN (and its fragrance-free counterpart, INFINITY face & body serum-lotion), which is a "hidden gem" in our sun series but can be used for anything by anyone. I always give it a sales pitch, hereby included.