There are many loving invitations to find the inner self-connection. Sex is one of them. Let yourself be seduced by sensual experiences and rituals that spark sexual intimacy.

Sensual and warm, aromatherapeutic scents from our perfumes and oils or skin-stimulating touches from dry brushes - we show you 6 different ways you can use Karmameju's products in a loving and sexy way.

6 ways to use Karmameju's products


1. Salty pleasures in the shower. Scrub your own or your partner's skin in the shower. The combination of the exfoliating salt, your hands, the warm water, the seductive fragrances…need we say more?

2. A stimulating touch by dry brushes. Use dry brushing as a sensual way to stimulate the skin on your body. Let the bristles dance on your own or your partner's skin before a massage, and feel the love hormone Oxytocin released by touch - also if touching yourself.

3. Sensual massage and self-massage. Warm body oil is perfect if you desire a soft caress or want to caress someone you love. Explore this ritual inspired by the Ayurvedic self-massage.

4. It's raining roses. LOVE face mist isn't just effective for a hydrating skincare routine. Try using it as a sensory-stimulating drizzle - made from roses - on your body.

5. HOT at home. Turn up the heat in your home with HOT wardrobe fragrance. Let the warm, sensual and deep aromatherapy fill up the room of your desire.


6. Use HERO pH solution as intimate care before, during and after sex. HERO is perfume-free and gentle with a light gel-like texture, making it perfect as a natural lubricant.

7. Face brush or ticklish tease? RENEW face brush is the perfect, feathery tease. Use it to seduce your partner or to boost self-love.

8. What are you wearing in bed? Use your Eau de Parfum in bed. And nothing else. 

9. The LOVING aromatherapy range is developed to ignite love and contains seductive floral and woody notes, functioning as a true aphrodisiac.

10. Researchers have found that inhaling essential oils such as sandalwood increases libido. You'll find the scent in HOPE body oil and GLOW face oil.




Body gratitude

Say a heartfelt hello to yourself in the mirror - maybe even compliment your naked body.